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Creative Vision
My inspiration comes from the quiet places, from the serenity found in the wilds where nature abounds and where the trees and the rocks and the hills have their own stories to tell. I'm also drawn to those ephemeral boundaries that exist between civilization and the wilderness, between past and present, where echoes of a bygone time still linger, overgrown and crumbling.

Interested in visual arts from an early age, I pursued painting and drawing through college in the mid 1980s and began experimenting with photography in 1988. I then worked for six years at a non-profit organization in Washington DC as a computer specialist, desktop publisher and photographer. Since that time I have pursued a career in IT support, while also working independently as a professional photographer. I display and sell my work at numerous venues in the Finger Lakes area of upstate New York and been accepted into a number of juried art shows, most recently at the State of the Art Gallery in Ithaca (2009 and 2012), the Living Light juried show in Ithaca (2009), and the juried Ithaca Holiday Artist Market, 2011.

Although I most commonly photograph the natural world, I've also successfully engaged in commercial photography, created portfolios for artists, and mentored beginning photographic enthusiasts. My most recent projects include a project in conjunction with the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators in central New York to produce a traveling art show that highlights preservation of wetlands, and I'm engaged in a multi-year project to create a book about the entire Appalachian Mountain range stretching from Alabama to Newfoundland.

Although I am based in upstate New York, I've also traveled extensively and photographed all up and down the eastern seaboard of the US, particularly in the Appalachian Mountains, all over my native Virginia, the red rock country of the Southwest, California, Washington state, eastern and maritime Canada, the Yukon, and Scotland.

About the Photos
All the photos on this site are digital, ranging from 8 to 18 megapixels. I use a small number of filters (polarizer, neutral density and graduated neutral density) and post-processing is mainly done in Adobe Lightroom, with some work done in Photoshop. HDR processing is done with Photomatix Pro and panoramas are done with PTGUI.
If you would like to view more of my work, visit my online gallery and store at Mist, Light & Stone.

Contact me at mistlightstone@gmail.com