Sunday, February 13, 2011

Launching the blog!

Here it is!  The first blog post.  Seems like a good place to start would be to talk a little about the Mist, Light & Stone "logo" shot, which appears on my business cards, web site, etc.  Many people ask where this is.  Here it is again:
This is in Fillmore Glen, a state park near Moravia, NY, southeast of Owasco Lake.  It is at the easternmost extent of the North Rim Trail, taken from the top of the small dam that the trail crosses.  It's shot at 22mm (effective 35 with my APS-C camera), 2 seconds at f/20, ISO 100, with a polarizer. It was overcast at that moment, and misting a little.  A great time to photograph in a gorge is when it's overcast and very lightly raining (or just after a light rain).  The light is even, the shadows soft, and the mildly wet conditions bring out more color.  To see a few other of my photos from this park, check out my Fillmore Glen gallery.

One reason I use this photo for my business cards is that the relatively dark stream on the left lends itself to having lettering overlaid on it!

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